Present of Household PHE Relative Merits


The household heat exchanger is quite different from the heat exchanger we used in industry field. We can use household heat exchanger better if we understand its relative merits clear, here is detail introduce for household heat exchanger.


Household heat exchanger's slogan is "You don’t need electricity, you don’t need gas, manufacturing hot water relying on the central heating with zero cost", the slogan is very someone? In fact, in some areas there are plenty of family in the use of this kind of household heat exchanger, but people only know the convenient using of household heat exchanger, but does not know other aspects of knowledge of household heat exchanger.


The using principle is quite simple, there must have installation nozzle for heating inlet and outlet & running water inlet and outlet in household heat exchanger, is the role of heat exchanger in the heating pipe heat exchange to running water, to achieve the aim of rising the water temperature.


There exist some defects when using household heat exchanger, for example, temperature decreases of heating is one of the direct defects, the whole heating system will be affected if we often use the household heat exchanger.