Plate Evaporator and Plate Condenser

Plate Evaporator and Plate Condenser
Accessen plate evaporator is designed based on shell & tube evaporator and integrated with the advantages of plate heat exchanger.

This type of rising-falling film plate vaporizer, primarily applied in the Mannitol industry, was an immediate success with its high efficiency. It is later extensively applied in other industries.

We offer six kinds of rising-falling film plate evaporators for your choice.

Working Principle
Accessen plate vaporizer is manufactured for evaporation. There are two small inlets and one big outlet. The larger inlet is for vapor heating and the smaller one is for vapor and condensed water.

Our plate evaporator adopts the concept of plate clusters, and every plate cluster is composed of butt welding plates or demountable plates. Heated vapor will condensate in welded pass, then evaporate, and after that, condensate in gasket sealed pass.

Plate Condenser

Accessen plate condenser is a tailor-made product engineered to deal with condensed vapor under conditions of low pressure or vacuum in evaporation and distill systems. Accessen plate condenser can meet specific application and capacity requirements.

Working Principle
Accessen plate condenser is specially developed for vacuum condition. It contains a big inlet for vapor and a small outlet for condensate liquid. Plate condenser is composed of plate clusters, which consist of butt welding plates or demountable plates.

The plate is manufactured for highest efficiency of condensation. The passes are separated into wide pass (vapor side) and narrow pass (cooling water side), which can maintain a very low pressure on vapor side and turbulence on cooling water side. Therefore, it can achieve highest heat transfer efficiency and least fouling.
Operation Mode of Plate Evaporator
Direct Evaporation
Because of conception of rising film and high turbulence, plate evaporator provides excellent wetting ability and can adopt direct evaporation. In the system of parallel flow evaporator, pump is not required; in the system of counter current flow, transfer pump can be used instead of circulating pump, at mean time, residence time is short.
Circulation Circulating pump is not required because materials would begin to circulate naturally by thermo-siphon. When circulating evaporativity fails to meet the condition, gravity circulation is useful for further evaporation of concentrated materials. In this circumstance, plate evaporator is used as a re-boiler of the distillation system.

Forced circulation (with evaporation)
This mold is used when there is fouling tendency of vaporized medium. Forced circulation increases wetting degree and turbulence strength and then decrease fouling tendency to minimum.

Forced circulation (with flash heating)
This mold is used when serious fouling or crystallization happens. Vaporized liquid circulates very fast in evaporator so it is just heated without boiled. Actual evaporation starts only when flash heating in separating tank. A special plate evaporator with wider gap will be utilized to decrease the fouling to minimum.

Working Cases of Plate Evaporator and Condenser

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